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    For months I had been using "Nougat Launcher" from google play store on my android. All of a sudden, in just the span of a few hours the app suddenly used 1.6gb of background data before I stopped it. It had never used much more than 1mb for the months I had it before. Its a launcher app, it shouldnt use much data, I did not update it or do anything that should warrant that much data usage.

    It was well reviewed but when I dug through the reviews I found a couple people mention the same thing about background data.

    The app developer is based in China and has no website. I sent an email asking politely what could have caused the data usage, no response. Of course I immediately uninstalled the app.

    My phone is non-rooted but an add-on for the launcher, from the same developer- "screen locker" required special permissions.

    **My question is this: Can an app use background data to do something like steal all my information and data from my phone? Should I be worried?**
    07-20-2017 09:45 AM
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    I don't know, but since you've had no response from the developer, report the app to Google.
    07-20-2017 10:03 AM

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