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    My ASUS Zenfone 3 has been slow since Ive bought it brand new two months ago but recently after updating to Android 7 it has stopped opening any applications. I have sent it to the repair center under warranty (in Canada) and have got a reply that there is a crack (which is actually a small scratch on the side of the case, photo is attached by the technician, therefore the back in not under warranty) and if they apply pressure to the phone, the back panel of the phone could break therefore in order to proceed with any repairs of the system they have to put a new case for 160 dollars. Other than this small scratch the phone is brand new.

    The explanation was given that they may need to open the phone from the back and then it could break but even if they did not need to open the back they still would not repair anything before bringing the phone into the brand-new condition (so said changing the case for 160 dollars) because when they ship it back the crack (read it as scratch) can become bigger and they don't want to deal with the shipping company.

    Did anyone experience something similar? and how did you solve the situation?
    Thank you!
    07-21-2017 01:37 AM

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