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    I have a MotoX which I dropped in water yesterday. Only the top had contact with the water, I quickly turned off the phone and wiped the phone and ports with paper towels. I tried putting it in rice, but i noticed that the rice was gettingstuck inside the audio jack.
    It turned itself on after an hour of charging, and it said it was on safe mode, I searched up how to disable this, however my power keys ad volume keys wouldn't function. Also, the alarms and ringtones were functioning but the music I couldn't listen.
    I tried to drain its battery in order for it to shut down overnight. In the morning it was back on AP Fastboot Flash mode S
    eMMC:16GB Sandisk RV=06 PV=07 TV=17
    DRAM:2048 Elpida S4 SDRAM DIE:4GB
    Up time: 2 minutes
    Device is LOCKED Status code:0
    Battery LOW
    Charger connected

    Boot mode selection MEnu
    Normal powerup
    BP tools

    Fastboot reason: Key presses
    Charger connected

    There was water in both the cameras last night, however now it's not there. I have already moved all my photos onto my laptop.

    I have dropped my phone in water ; completely submerged,once before,and I turned it off. When it was turned on the next morning, it worked completely fine.
    How can I tun it on and disable safe mode if possible??
    07-21-2017 04:32 AM

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