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    1st off this is an Alcatel model 5056N phone from MetroPCS.

    2nd I need to give a little background so you understand the problem.

    On July 4th my room mate and his son (I am called uncle Steve) and I. We were to meet family and friends in the park then watch fireworks. My room mates x wife phone wasn't on because shy was a day late paying her bill. I didn't have the other friends phone number in my phone and my nephew's phone did a lousy job of imitating R2D2 on crack and died. I didn't have Facebook and messanger on my phone because I didn't want my phone cluttered up with useless messages. I let my nephew put Facebook and messinger on my phone so he could contact his friend to tell his mom we are. Were are you.

    Anyways All sead and done. My phone is been over run with useless messages. I have uninstalled both the Android Facebook and Facebook messanger apps. and I also went into Facebook it self and turned off "send notifications to cell phone" in the Facebook settings. The rate of the notifications sent has slowed down but not stopped. How do I conpletley stop the notifications. The people that I know have my number and can leave a voice message or text me drectly, if I can't answer the phone.

    07-21-2017 06:24 AM

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