1. AC Question's Avatar
    My boy change the password on my galaxy s7 edge now I'm stuck i tried to turn it off to reset it the phone won't turn off because of the password I need help to reset it thanks
    Can someone help me please
    Please please please I need my phone thanks
    07-23-2017 05:06 PM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!

    Unfortunately unless you can figure out the password your phone is going to be unusable. Sorry I couldn't offer you better news.
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    07-23-2017 06:29 PM
  3. Tim1954's Avatar
    That is a security measure. It wouldn't be very secure if you could just bypass it hey....
    I keep saying... DON'T LET OTHER PPL TOUCH YOUR PHONE. Ever. For any reason.
    07-23-2017 08:18 PM

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