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    I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Pro. The touch screen is over sensitive: keeps putting gibberish into entry fields; brings up the camera and takes multiple pictures; brings up the phone and rings people in my contact list, etc. etc.
    I've found out how to get into the factory test screen, and, can get it to pass all touch screen tests. I've found instructions on how to calibrate closely related Xiaomis, but, can't get to that option on the pro.
    Anyway the seller says to post it back. The first time I tried the post office told me they couldn't send it because it had a lithium ion battery. I went on their site and found loads of information on UN3481 (Lithium ion battery contained in equipment), and, packing instruction PI 967 section II. And the statement that shipping was OK.
    But, when I went back they told me that China has a special restriction.
    I can't be the only person who's had this problem: any sugestions?
    07-24-2017 08:22 AM

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