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    I was using tablet to read news on cbc news when my tablet's battery suddenly drops to 1% from 49% all of a sudden. It keeps getting drop to 1% afterwards from right away after boot to 30 minutes of use. It's a Lenovo A10-70F and I only used it for 2.5 years.

    Things that didn't work:
    I managed to get in and install Malwarebytes and did a scan but nothing came out.
    I used Repair Battery Life and fixed some cells that were "low" but didn't change anything.
    I didn't install an app outside of google play for at least an year. Even in Google Play, I didn't install much since I use it mainly for surfing.
    Safe mode and wipes don't change anything.
    I updated 5.0 to 6.0 after the problem started (managed to last long enough for the update to complete)

    Things that is odd:
    It shows that it's charging when it is shut down and I got it to 100% but the battery display % drops to 1% after I boot. It still shows 100% when I charge with it off though. Sometimes, after a wipe, I can use the thing for ~30 mins so there definitely is power in it. It never crashes in recovery mode and boot.

    Right after the drop happens, if I plug in the charger, I get sent to the logo Lenovo then black screen then logo and repeat. If it is shut down for a while and I charge, it charges normally.

    Battery Indicator screwed up or defective battery or broken motherboard?
    I don't have the tools to open the thing to check if battery is swollen...
    07-24-2017 10:50 AM

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