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    I have an HTC U11, my 4th Android phone. I always purchase unlocked phones directly from the manufacturer, so there is NO carrier software on my device.

    My problem is that every time I manually turn off WiFi when away from home, it rather quickly turns itself back on again and connects to the nearest network.
    Most public WiFi networks require you to confirm acceptance of their terms and conditions prior to being able to send/receive data through their router. The guest WiFi network at my workplace is particularly problematic, as it is rather insistent upon making you actually type the password every time I connect to it. The option to remember the password is disabled. Sometimes when I go from one floor to another I temporarily disconnect, meaning I have to sign in again. For this reason, I do not want to use WiFi while at work. If I don't realize the phone has disconnected, I will miss any notifications which may be arriving through data.
    I have Googled how to fix this hundreds of times, and I've tried every suggestion I've found in every possible combination, including:

    Turned on/off "WiFi optimizer"
    Turned on/off "Hotspot sign-in"
    Turned on/off "Auto-switch to mobile network"
    Turned on/off "Network notification"
    Changed the setting for "Keep WiFi on during sleep"
    Changing my Location mode to "Device Only"
    Made sure all Networking options are turned off in my Developer options section
    I even cleared all my saved networks.

    I've tried all of these things, in every possible combination and permutation. Still, my phone will automatically turn WiFi on and connect to the nearest available WiFi network. Only, it's not really connected because it's in my pocket and I don't realize it wants me to sign in.
    Additionally, if I do happen to realize it wants me to sign in (it will display a WiFi icon in the top left bar with a little exclamation point superimposed on it), when pull down my notifications and click on it, absolutely nothing happens. No sign-in page, no browser opens for me to accept terms and conditions, nothing. The phone remains believing it is connected to the network when in fact no data is being transmitted (as verified by trying to bring up a webpage).
    I believe this to be an Android issue, not an HTC issue, as my Motorola Droid X Pure Edition did exactly the same thing.
    Is it possible to actually permanently disable WiFi capability? I really don't need it. Ever.
    Does anyone have any ideas besides "Go back to iPhone if you're too stupid to use an Android"? (I've heard that a lot from other Android users when I ask for help)
    07-24-2017 11:11 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. You have already tried most things recommended to fix this problem. If you are getting the same problem with different phones it's possible that the cause is an app or configuration that you carry across devices. What about this?

    - Some kind of Smart WiFi app from your carrier.
    - Battery saver app/feature with network optimiser.
    - Antivirus app.
    07-24-2017 11:29 AM

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