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    I uploaded 5 .mp4 files to my andriod tablet (ASUS Zenpad z300m) approximately 3gb. When I check how much space is left on the device windows says 2.88gb of the 10gb total capacity. (6gb~ is system reserved)
    Windows screenshot: prntscr com/fzxdn2

    Now lets tally up, I am supposed to have 10gb of space.
    I uploaded 3gb in video files. (Lets remove another 1gb for apps.)
    I should have around 6gb left in space afterwards.

    However Andriod is saying I have 3gb in images. Making my left over capacity be 3gb~. But here is the problem.. I don't have ANY images that size. Only the 3gb in video files I uploaded. This is a brand new device literally 1 week old.

    Calculated storage in device settings: imgur com/a/iXDL3
    My images folder that somehow is 3gb in size: prntscr com/fzxgh9
    I had this issue on another cheaper tablet I'd bought a few weeks prior. Any idea what is going on?

    Before I uploaded these files I had 7gb in .mp4 on the device which I removed, These files before didn't have this issue.
    07-25-2017 02:57 AM

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