1. AC Question's Avatar
    A very puzzle question about this old Samsung S4(SGH-I227M), When Open the data network, top icon show "4G" and Two uplink and downlink flashing, so I have internet access, for just about one or two minutes, The uplink keep flashing, BUT NO DOWNLINK, no internet access as well. I am wondering aloud if hardware connection is a real problem or something else, like software. All other features are normal, wifi, phone call, text.
    Eager to hear some opinions.
    07-25-2017 10:17 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    I'd try my sim in a different device and try another sim in the S4 to rule out sim card/card reader issues.
    Then a chat with the service provider just in case settings have slipped...
    A cache partition wipe would be beneficial to start the process....
    07-25-2017 11:47 PM

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