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    Hi all,

    yesterday, my Huawei P8 Lite 2017 restarted without any reason and since then, I'm unable to connect to my Google Account and then any Google app. The phone is not rooted.

    My password is asked and when I provide it, it seems it connects and then disconnects immediately. Play Stores says "Checking your information" and then "You have been disconnected" (I translate French messages so they may not be exactly the same in English).

    I tried connecting to Gmail and my Google Account using Chrome and everything is fine. I even changed my password.
    I tried turning on the 2-step verification : I receive the SMS with the code and I can see the screen to enter it, but I haven't the time to do it, the screen immediately changes to "You have been disconnected".
    I tried connecting the Huawei Mail application to my Gmail account without any success.
    I tried deleting one of the 2 Google accounts of my phone : it has been deleted, but it's not possible to add it again : it asks for my password, and then I have to accept the Conditions, and then nothing happens.
    I installed the last version of the Play Store using apkmirror without any success. I also cleared all Google app caches.

    I also noticed a similar problem with Twitter, in case it helps : when I connect, an error says it cannot get my tweets or messages, and when I close the app, I'm automatically disconnected.

    Last thing is to factory reset the phone, but I would prefer to avoid it...

    I have no more idea, please help !!
    Thanks a lot
    07-30-2017 08:41 AM
  2. sassardph's Avatar
    Thanks for your answer !
    I bought the phone myself in March in a well known shop, it was new and from the same region. Everything was fine until yesterday.
    The main Google account is still connected on the phone, I permanently deleted the secondary one through Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> Delete.

    I also found that I was unable to send an email using Huawei's Email app and a Hotmail account, so I now definitely think this has nothing to do with Google but rather with the software, like you said. Is there a way to retrieve logs from the phone or something ?

    I found nothing about that on their support site so I wrote an email, but this is Sunday, we'll see tomorrow...
    07-30-2017 03:37 PM
  3. sassardph's Avatar
    Hi sfoLAX,

    thanks for your answer. The issue is both with WiFi and mobile date. I have indeed many Sync errors with a message like "Synchronization encounters errors and will be soon restored". Unchecking them doesn't change anything.

    I'm a few days off, and then I will try a fatory reset.

    08-01-2017 06:40 AM
  4. sassardph's Avatar
    I finally deleted my Google account from my phone and was unable to add it. No error message, the account wasn't added and that's all.

    So I did a factory reset and now everything is fine.

    Thanks again sfoLAX for your time.
    08-05-2017 10:06 AM
  5. sassardph's Avatar
    Hi sfoLAX,

    when encountering the problem with my phone, I was able to use my Google account with my computer and tablet.
    And after the phone reset, I'm still using the same Google account.

    No more problems since then. I keep my fingers crossed ! I definitely think that the issue is rather with Huawei's software than with Google account.

    08-17-2017 08:58 AM

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