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    Help (Please) I installed Auto Tools and Tasker on my Non-Rooted Android Galaxy S5 V6.0 and I ran the command (below) to be able to WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - I get no errors.. I accepted the permissions on the phone - but then when I go into Auto Tools and look under plug ins, I don't get Secure Settings.. It's as though my command didn't work. I am using adb shell pm grant com.joaomgcd.autotools android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

    If I search for Secure Settings in Tasker, it says:
    Action Plugin: Secure Settings (Not Installed)
    Action Plugin: Auto Tools Secure Settings (Installed)

    All I really want to do is disable the stupid volume warning.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.
    08-01-2017 08:21 PM

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