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    recently something odd is happening to our contacts and i dont know where in our system it is happening. My wife and I have Microsoft exchange accounts and ALL our contacts originally got onto the phones by connecting with exchange. At this point when you check a contact under "connected via" you see the exchange symbol.

    Recently we have been loosing contacts on our Outlook, but they are still on our phones. Now the contact with just have connected via "Device" and no exchange symbol. To put them back in outlook i send a vcf from the phone to my outlook email.

    My question is i have no idea how many of our hundreds of contacts have done this. Is there any way to see on the phone which contacts we have that are only connected by "device"? Does device mean stored on the device memory?

    This is one of those horrible things that is pretty much impossible to work out where it is occurring. at least if I can keep track of which ion the phone have become unlinked that would be better.

    Thanks for any advice
    08-06-2017 09:19 AM

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