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    Two issues:
    1. Seems recently I found that if I answer a call and hold the phone to my head, that I then cannot switch to either speaker phone mode OR plug in headphones and talk over the headphones and mic.
    After numerous trial and error tests I found that it was indeed triggering of the proximity detector that caused the issue. As long as I don't cover the proximity detector then I can use speaker phone or headphones.
    2. So I decided to start always answering the phone with just headphones or speaker phone. But today a call came in and I answered with just headphones plugged in...and found that the caller could not hear me. So I had to switch to hold the phone to my head. After the call I did some more tests and found that I can answer the phone with headphones plugged in, but they don't unmute and become active until AFTER the screen goes dark. I can make the screen go dark faster by clicking the power button. But this is an issue...I used to be able to be on a call and surf during the call at the same time. No I can't.

    This behavior seems to have changed between 1 and 2 just over night. After numerous trial and error tests yesterday I did NOT experience issue 2...until today.
    This behavior I find to be ridiculous. I just want to answer a call and be able to talk on my headphones, or speaker phone without having to quickly swing a dead cat over my head to get it to work. Any suggestion?
    08-06-2017 03:06 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? I'm not entirely clear on one of the issues. You said that you can't switch to speakerphone if you answer a call and hold the phone up to your ear -- this is normal, because when you have the phone up to your ear, the proximity sensor will shut the screen off so that you don't accidentally press any onscreen button with your face. If you take the phone away from your ear, the screen should come back on -- and then if you tap the speakerphone button, it should stay on speakerphone. On speakerphone, if you bring it to your ear (or otherwise block the proximity sensor), the screen should not turn off.
    08-06-2017 10:07 PM

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