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    Hello guys, thankyou for getting read this problem
    I'am genius by making problem at everything that interesting for me except my Android
    So one day i format my android

    Specific about my Android: Nokia X (RM-980)

    I format my android to connect with my pc using usb
    I direct formating with other format, first like i have change 'File system' to another like fat32 or ntsf.
    Boom!! everything was change, my phone can read every memory even my memory card (sd card). So i have to put in and out my sd card everytime because it can read after i reject and put it back
    My phone even cant screenshoot and other problem is i can't move app to sd card cause it caution 'no memory put'

    i have been trying for 2 year ago, and keep try for fixed it. i have read many tread about android.
    Someone please help me with this problem, i still love my Android.

    Thankyu so much for read my post, i hope someone can help me from hell.
    *i'am not good in english. so sory if there so many typo about this tread.
    08-06-2017 11:44 PM

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