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    From the "Add Account" via the app, it asks me to verify my identity. I'm sure I type in the correct current password (it was changed a couple of times prior because I keep forgetting them), but it always says "Try Again". What does that mean?

    I've also tried to add it through the Settings, clicking Accounts>Other, and also the Manual Setup on the app itself, thinking it'd work. But it still ends up there. Should I just remove the current Gmail account, if so, what happens? Gone permanently or just from the phone? And would it be possible for me to replace it with the second one? It's frustrating that I can't transfer some of my data on the new device.

    I think I've tried everything. I've updated the app, still no.
    08-09-2017 09:31 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Not Accounts>Other, Accounts>Email. But that just runs the default email app in the "new account" screen. The usual cause of this problem is a mistyped password. (You should keep your passwords in a password safe. I use Keepass2Android Password Safe on my phone, the Windows version on my PC, and the encoded file on a cloud account, so they both use the same file and are kept in sync. [And, of course, you never use the same password on more than 1 account. If you use 20 random alphanumeric characters as a password, it's almost impossible to crack, except on the most badly-written sites.])
    08-09-2017 12:09 PM
  3. doversole's Avatar
    I can't reply so... 😄

    Accounts>Email? Where's that step?? From Settings to Accounts, it leads me straight to this: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Office 365, and Other on this S7. I chose Other because on Google, the first Gmail's already registered there (that's why I asked if it can be replaced with the one I like when removed?), and in case that method would let me in, going through IMAP, then the servers etc. But again, that was a dead end.

    And no, a mistyped password? I've tried a thousand times with the correct password of that same email, I'm not wrong in that part unless it requires a different one i.e. device lock? I had had tried also that of the second Gmail but neither worked still. I'm getting tired of being stuck in the "Try Again" page.

    I just want to know why it keeps rejecting them as if my own phone thinks I'm an absolute stranger. It even locks me out for 30 minutes! Are there any other actual solutions?

    BTW, the first email, the current one, is not totally synced. Is that why...? Probably for most this is quick to resolve, but on my old Kata, I never had those problems. It was so fast and easy to add multiple Gmail accounts on the app without needing to verify. I'm not sure of the difference. Software?
    08-09-2017 10:21 PM
  4. Aunt Lola's Avatar
    Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem.
    02-02-2018 08:42 PM
  5. Shelliebeans's Avatar
    It is the screen lock password that you need to enter. I was having the same problem, entered my screen lock password and bam good to go.
    03-03-2018 11:37 AM
  6. Shelliebeans's Avatar
    Screen lock password
    03-03-2018 11:51 AM

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