1. AC Question's Avatar
    Need some help guys, I think either my jaybird earphones are screwed up or my one plus 5. When i connect my earphones to my phones it shows "NOT CONNECTED" but when it's removed it shows connected.

    I bought my OP5 last monthly only and the very next day the earphones.

    Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue ?
    08-12-2017 02:00 AM
  2. ByteMyAscii's Avatar
    Generally the advice for such a new device would be via the store you purchased it from.
    However if that isn't an option for whatever reason then I would say the following.

    Buying a cheap pair of headphones would answer if it is the headphones or not.
    Perhaps there is something in the port.
    I would not be confident advising sticking something like a q-tip/cotton bud or whatever into it.
    Perhaps see if you can you get an air duster/can of compressed air, and see if while holding the device upright, a VERY short burst clears anything out of it.
    Just pre-spray away from the phone to make sure there isn't any moisture coming out of the duster.
    That can happen with the first few sprays after a period not used or if used at an angle.
    08-16-2017 08:08 PM

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