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    A few weeks ago, AT&T service went down in our area for a little while. After it came back up, I got a bunch of notifications for texts. I can open all of them but the ones from my husband. Since then, when he sends me a message, I get the notification, and can see it on my home screen in the preview, but when I try and open it, it isn't there. So far, it shows I have 14 messages from him in the notification bubble, and I can see the last one in the previews, but still can't open it. When you click on the preview to open it, it's a blank screen. I can send him messages just fine, he is having no problems on his end. I've restarted the phone and cleared the messages cache. I am having no problems with texts from anyone else. I can send and receive messages in facebook messenger to him, I downloaded another message app, and it worked for a minute, but now it's not working either, again, just with his number. HELP
    08-12-2017 01:21 PM

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