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    Hello everyone.

    I've just got a Galaxy S8 and went to setup Skype and got a very nasty surprise. It's totally changed from what I'm used to.

    I'm not sure what you guys think bit I think it's awful. I can't seem to be able to get rid of the reminder to finish the tutorial without having to setup groups and whatever cards are wwhich I just dont have an interest in whatsoever. I'd just like an older version back. I really hate it when Microsoft take a perfectly good piece of software and mess it up. They seem to be doing a lot of that at the moment. One of the resons I got an Android phone was because Windows ones are very buggy.

    I downloaded an APK from uptodown.com and instslled it. It said do i want to update the built in app with this version and I said yes. It completed the install. However when I loaded skype. This new version still loaded up!

    If possible I'd really like get rid of this new Skype and use the old one again.

    Please could you help a novice Android user?

    Many thanks in advance
    08-12-2017 06:22 PM

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