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    Hello! I would have some questions about the battery life of a new Sony Xperia XZ. I've been using my new XZ phone since last week, and I've had the following experiences: when I don't use the phone, the battery power drops almost nothing, but when the screen is active, and I use some basic apps (facebook, messenger, gmail etc.) the percents drop every 2-3 minutes. The battery power can drop about 30 percents, if I use the phone one hour constantly. I've checked the battery settings, and it has showed that the screen uses the most power (about 33%). Is it normal? Thank you for your answers.
    08-19-2017 09:18 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central. Yes, I would consider that normal depending on which apps you were using. The apps you listed, FB, Messenger, as well as other social apps use quite a bit of battery during normal usage. It also takes some time for the phone and battery to settle in after being new. Don't let the battery fall below 30% and charge to 100, then give it another 30 minutes.

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    08-19-2017 09:36 AM

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