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    I recently purchased a new LG G6 and overall I really love the phone. That being said, since I've been taking it to the gym, it's been consistently locking up when I use the treadmill. I set it on the phone holder section of the treadmill and there is minimal shaking or jostling that happens. My previous 3 smart phones have been just fine with this small level of movement, but it has happened 3 days in a row now. I have tried using different music apps, both downloaded and pre-installed. I have used the same apps at other times, for long periods of time, while not jogging, and the only time it freezes is while running. I have attempted to reset my phone, keeping it powered off for several minutes, only to start my run again and be met with the same frozen screen. My question is this - has anyone else every experienced phones locking up or freezing while jogging or using a treadmill? Is this a "common problem" or should I be taking it back to the store for a replacement model? I don't really want to purchase the armband, as they are clunky and a inconvenient to use while attached. I just want my phone to be able to be set down while jogging, like all my previous phones have been able to do.
    08-22-2017 09:22 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is it freezing on whatever app or screen you happened to be on, or does it go to the lockscreen and freeze there?
    08-24-2017 12:20 AM

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