1. AC Question's Avatar
    Is it the problem of the SD card slot? How can I fix it?
    08-23-2017 03:55 AM
  2. SexyLi's Avatar
    You may not plug the SD card well, you can plug it again. It may not connect well.
    08-23-2017 04:58 AM
  3. Tim1954's Avatar
    Give the card a gentle clean and try again..
    08-23-2017 06:06 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    It could be the card, it could be the slot. As SexyLI and Tim suggested, (turn the phone off first) remove the card, gently wipe the contacts (along the line of the contacts, not across them) with a clean piece of cloth (linen, like the corner of a sheet is good), then reinsert it and make sure it's inserted all the way.

    If that doesn't fix it, it's either an intermittent card or an intermittent slot. Plug the card into its full size adapter, then into a USB adapter (or directly into a USB adapter that accepts microSD cards) and plug it into a PC, to see if the card is intermittent. Or plug a different SD card into the phone to see if the slot is intermittent.

    If the card is bad, and it's a SanDisk card, go to SanDisk microSD Tech Support (upper right corner - live support). If it's someone else's card, look up their tech support on their site and hope that they're almost as good at replacing bad cards as SanDisk is. (You can even get an RMA number from SanDisk online at SanDisk Online RMA Request, but I'd talk to them first. They usually check the returned card for a few minutes, and yours would show as being good.)
    08-23-2017 01:44 PM

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