1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have an unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 and my carrier is AT&T. I can do everything on my phone except send and receive picture texts. I'm pretty sure my APN is correct because they did it at the store for me. So what else could it be?
    08-23-2017 12:32 PM
  2. L0n3N1nja's Avatar
    Honestly I would check with AT&T again of you think the phone itself is set up right.

    I'm a former Verizon rep and upon the dozens of features that can be disabled or enabled on a line, picture messaging is one of them. It might not be enabled on the carrier end if everything else seems to work for your phone.
    08-23-2017 01:31 PM
  3. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5
    carrier is AT&T

    Which version of android?
    Which texting app?
    What is the exact wording of any error message you are getting?

    How big is the picture in bytes? ATT has a limit in the range of 600K to 1000K.
    08-23-2017 01:36 PM

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