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    My micro sd card was all fine and well until my card ready is loose...fixed that with some papers...but now my sd card is going bonkers... My folders changed its named like from Videos to µIDEOS ....cant access these folders... both on my computer and sd card manger apps...it says the file directory is corrupted and cant be access on my computer ....and says Not deleted.Permission denied when i try to delete it on the sd card manager app..cant open my sd card folder using the build-in file manager either...cant rename it either..it says permission denied also....
    Pls help me...
    Using Samsung note 2 with a Samsung 16 gb micro sd
    ..pardon my english...from Singapore here...
    08-27-2017 11:51 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central. It sounds like the SD card has failed. Unfortunately that is fairly common and there is no way to recover the card or data if it can't be read by a PC. Sorry. And your English is fine

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    08-27-2017 11:54 AM
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    Either that or, since the card was loose (it should never be), there may be a physical problem with the SD port.

    If the card is actually corrupted, there's not to much you can do easily. Take it out of the phone and put it into a USB adapter, so you can plug it into a PC. Then go to PhotoRec Step By Step. If the PC can see that the card is inserted (even if it can't read it), PhotoRec may be able to recover any non-corrupted files on it. (But it can take days once you set it up and tell it to run, so don't expect results in an hour or two, unless it can't read the card at all.)

    If the card can't be read, try to format it. (Yes, you'll lose everything on it.) If it can't be formatted, it's useless - unless it's a SanDisk card. They honor their warranties. Contact them at SanDisk microSD Tech Support, upper right corner (live chat), and they may have more ideas. If not, they'll probably replace the card.

    But if the SD port in the phone is bad or loose, it has to be replaced, or the same thing will happen again.
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    08-27-2017 12:35 PM

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