1. persdb's Avatar
    I bought this baytrail tablet. It quickly became a nightmare. It's impossible to root. The onda Rom is full of bloatware that keeps install anything from everywere (mostly viruses). I'm a (not so) expert user, i found a rom, downloaded it, unpacked the system.img and mounted it to remove all unnecessary apps, but when i flash it, the tablet doesn't boot. It seems that there's some kind of script that checks the /system partition at boot time. Imagine that when i tried to substitute the su binary, the tablet stopped booting, and when i restored it, well the tabled still doesn't boot... Has anyone found this kind of behaviour in some other china tablet? I can install ubuntu or mint on it but i didn't found any working touch and wifi drivers.

    Truly a nightmare. Thank to everyone tha can address me to the right solution!
    08-28-2017 07:31 AM
  2. RossJosh's Avatar
    Chinese bloatware is like that. That is why I avoid fake tablets by a mile. Honestly, if stock ROM doesn't work, I doubt there are other alternatives. For bloatware removal, you could have installed Malwarebytes, disconnected from the internet, ran Malwarebytes and manually stopped processes and deleted the applications. However, now that it doesn't boot to stock, not sure if there is an alternative. You could try XDA forums. Maybe they can get some insight.
    08-29-2017 04:22 AM

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