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    Hello everyone, recently i had a problem with my LG D320TR(pink screen with DBI error or something). I switched to my download mode and started installing .kdz folder. But at Some point it said ASSERTED with red/big text and closed. Flash tool said close the phone and Try again. I did so but now i can't open the phone!

    What did i do wrong? Is it completely gone?

    08-28-2017 05:44 PM
  2. Viktir's Avatar
    (Disclaimer: Sorry if I can't help you, but I am not interested in flashing so maybe what I am saying is completely useless but I'll try my best)


    - Did you had your phone rooted?

    - If you did, did you flash a ROM?

    - If you flashed a ROM, then, maybe you installed the ROM wrongly and bricked your device by interrupting the install.

    - If you haven't rooted the phone
    (Did you did some crazy things in recovery?)

    - If you haven't flashed but have root;
    Did you did something with your root access?
    08-28-2017 05:49 PM

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