1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello friends I want to know what is Google Sandbox in SEO? Please Help me.
    08-31-2017 07:08 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    SEO is Search Engine Optimization - a way to put you higher up on a search engine's list.

    A sandbox is a reserved area of RAM in which you can do almost anything (even run a virus) without affecting the rest of the device - and everything in it is deleted once you restart.

    Is there an actual Google Sandbox Effect? That's been debated for a while (no one but Google knows what goes into Google's rating system), but you can read some thoughts at Google Sandbox Effect.
    08-31-2017 12:46 PM
  3. irfan aloha's Avatar
    Google Sandbox in SEO is an imaginary area where Google keeps the newly created websites or harmful websites and check whether they are good to show in search results with there own check list; if yes then site is removed from Sandbox area if no then website shows in Sandbox area.
    01-24-2018 01:40 AM
  4. robertm7's Avatar
    Well they say that Google Sandbox acts as a temporary filter for new websites before they can go live on Google's SERP.

    As an SEO specialist, I can tell you there was a Google Sandbox a few years ago and I have seen websites in the Sandbox too. But I have a doubt if it exists anymore.

    Do you have a brand new website? Maybe we could check it in your case.
    04-09-2018 03:27 PM

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