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    Problem one:

    Usually, when I hold down the little microphone button on SwiftKey, I get a little popup for voice-input within the boundaries of the keyboard. I can then dictate an entire paragraph, or email, stopping and starting whenever.

    Suddenly however, when I push that button, the keyboard disappears and the voice-input box is in the center of the screen. It allows maybe one sentence, then that sentence appears in various forms like so:

    the cat is hungry
    the cats hungry
    the cat's hungry

    And I have to click and choose one, which it then puts in in text, and then I have to do the whole thing over again for the second sentence.

    Where's the regular microphone-inside-keyboard gone? I can't dictate a whole email that way whaaaaat!!

    Problem two:

    My friggin' spaaaaaace!

    I was trying to update apps but getting that "Screw you no space" warning. I uninstalled about ten apps and there was STILL no space. Why. In the olden days of just a week or so ago, when I deleted an app it made space. NOW IT MAKES NO SPACE.

    Cleaning the cache and other junk with an official cleaner did nothing.

    The apps I need started downloading, FINISHED downloading, started installing, and then said "Lol fooled you there's no space!!"

    What the hell. Why go through all that to tell me there's no space. Why.

    I get the message "Security policy restricts clearing of this app's cache" when trying to clear the cache in settings. I'd like to get rid of this bloated cleaner garbage, especially since it doesn't seem to do anything, but I don't want to have to boot in friggin' recovery mode every two hours to clean it because for some reason there's no space no matter how many apps I delete. I have, like, no apps now. All my favorite apps are gone. The phone is useless what's happening and why.

    So to sum up, in case I have been overly confusing:

    1 - Need my regular dictation thingie back.

    2 - Need a way to clear cache without rebooting in recovery, since apparently the cleaner apps don't work for me and I hate them.

    Optional - Would as a curiosity like to know why deleting an entire dozen friggin' apps clears no space at all, when it used to.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 4.4.2, rooted.)
    09-06-2017 08:20 PM

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