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    3 months ago my samsung s4 started having issues with battery draining insanely fast 25 % in 15 minutes. Thought the battery was dying bought a custom 4k mah battery Which is draining much slower 25% in 35mins but i still think that is fast draining concidering I only use messanger/ snapchat / facebook / instagram NO GAMES !!! I took my friend phone which also had 4k mah battery his phone got 7% in 35 minutes using the same programs. I factory reset the phone thinking that would solve the problem. But it solved nothing it started to drain faster ??? I have no idea what is going on i cleaned my port where u plug the charger nothing changed ( i got a lot of things out of there).. Before it used to charge while i was using it now it doesnt. Im not using the original charger but for 2 years i had no issues with another samsung charger which is 1 amp not 2.1 as the original samsung s4's charger is. I ran a battery monitor my phone was discharging 1000-3000 mah per hour . But while charging this is what happens .. It impulses lets say every one minute to 800 and decays 800-400-200-100-50-30-10mah really fast ?!?! I checked 5 chargers including external battery everything charges the same way doesnt matter 1 amp or 2 amp. While Charging and using the phone my phone discharges -100/-400 mah. For my phone to charge from 0 % to 100% it takes 6 hours. For it to drain from 100 to 0 takes 4 hours with nonstop use .
    09-15-2017 09:52 AM
  2. sulasno's Avatar
    Try another cable?
    09-15-2017 10:14 AM
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    That's the sign of a capacitor on the motherboard going bad. It hardly pays to fix it, since a good one goes for about $60-$80 on swappa.com

    It would have nothing to do with the charger (smaller ones just take longer to charge to 100%) or the cord (either it charges or it doesn't).
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    09-15-2017 10:27 AM

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