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    I got a moto e4 a few weeks ago.

    I imported a bunch of mp3s a week ago. My old phone had a "connect to pc" pop up whenever I plugged a USB into the PC, and then I would 'disconnect' it safely before just pulling the plug out.

    This phone (android 7.1.1). When I loaded the mp3s on, I just plugged it in and the PC found it and was able to load the MP3s to a pre-made Music folder.

    now I'm trying to just transfer a bunch of photos from the phone to computer. I plug the USB in and I see nothing. It does pop up something like 'new device plugged in decide what windows does with this device". All I can do is click on the pop up and it brings me to a completely blank window for the phone. sometimes I get the pop up, now I'm not. IT just goes straight to an empty explorer window. No folders or anything. So then I google that maybe I need a program just to plug my frkn phone to my computer? Then how did I load the music on to begin with?

    I tried the USB cord that came with the phone. I don't want to download any programs just to transfer the photos lol. WTF?
    09-19-2017 07:30 PM
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    Well I figured it out. AFTER I plug the usb in, I have to swipe down on the home screen for the invisable top bar you might not even know is even there!,

    THEN tap the charging icon and THEN it gives me the option to "Just charge" (how it was) or to import. What a stupid Fkign default setting! It's supposed to at least give me an option on the computer or show an icon instead of having to find it via the hidden swipe down menu on home screen, it doesn't even have an option in any settings to alter this, it has to happen AFTER you plug the USB in!

    ISIS, if you want to bomb headquarters, motorolla and android's are located at,,, ok nevermind.
    When I figured this out, I think I originally had to do this to get the music on there a week ago.

    They just make things more and more complicated with all these bells and whistles, and they also basically want all your personal info easily default as public in a way. Get real!
    09-20-2017 01:42 AM
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    im not even gonan bother trying to find the mark as answered if there even is oen becaus eI cant easily find it on the page with a million fkin ads all over liek anyoen is goign to drop what thy're doign ona ofrum whiel askign a question and let's see DNA result, yea do that right now instead, click that. book a fkn hotel. y
    09-20-2017 01:43 AM
  4. makeitworse123's Avatar
    09-20-2017 01:44 AM

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