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    hi all,

    long story but highlights:
    -thought i'd lost phone (LG G5)
    -reset my gmail password from work
    -used find my device to approximate the location of the phone and lock it (obv google can't tell me if my phone is INSIDE the house or in the hallway, as I suspected)
    -went home, phone was inside. entered password. couldn't unlock. Probably changing my gmail password prior to remote locking it screwed everything up. can't remotely unlock either. incredible!
    - factory reset the phone. all my data. peuff! gone. sad day.
    - entered wifi etc,....now verify your account: selected forgot my gmail password, reset my gmail password and then got msg saying wait 24 hours cause password was recently reset. wow!
    - so I'm thinking 24 hours from the last time I reset the password. ok.
    - somehow, without my SD card in it and after a factory reset, the phone was able to receive calls but I cannot make a call even if I'm dying. amazing!

    - question:
    turn off the phone for this 24 hours? leave it on? doesn't matter?
    some forums say yea, some don't say....to do or not to do?

    I don't remember if i had data on but I did connect the phone to wifi in the initial step of the factory reset process so presumably while at home, it has connection to internet.

    lack of documentation and warning on the web OR appearance of phone prompts about this very important issue (password change, factory reset, security lock) is disappointing and infuriating.

    another question: which password to use after 24 hours. I'm assuming the latest reset password to sign in after 24 hours, correct? this, latest reset password works when I use it on the computer to sign in to my gmail account.
    09-21-2017 10:55 AM

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