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    I have concerns about the new Backup and Sync service that Google is using to Replace Google Drive on the PC and Mac. I’ve read articles that say that all you need to do is drag files from your PC to a folder and the file will be automatically Synced and backup in Google Drive. I use a PC, but have rarely stored data on it since Google Drive was implemented.

    When Drive was implemented I created a duplicate folder structure in Drive and copied my static files to it. These files will not change but they may be viewed on my PC or phone. Next, I created a folder structure in Drive for my “active files” so that all of my work is now being done in Drive Pc or Phone. I use Chrome Browser and Google Docs instead of word, and I use Google Sheets instead of MS Excel, and my PC has a 27 inch LED monitor so it is convenient to use it instead of another device.

    There are two times when I need to start Drive on the PC:

    With Backup and Sync will I still be able to download data from a web site directly into a folder in Drive?
    Several times a month I logon to a web site and download data in PDF form. I download this data directly into a folder in Drive, not on the computer. The Drive application must be running to do this.

    With Backup and Sync will I still be able to copy a file from the PC into a specific folder in Drive?
    When I scan documents my scanner creates a folder named with the current date(MMDDYY) and stores documents on the PC. I then copy the document to the correct folder in Drive. Every day this folder name will change and the documents don’t go into the same folder in Drive. So there is no good way to Sync this.

    Other members of my family use the Pc and I still must use it for my weather station. Eventually I plan to get a ChromeBook, but we have medical bills so that is not possible right now.

    I am someone who has experience with Backup and Sync can help answer my questions, and that Backup and Sync doesn’t derail what I have been doing since Google Drive was offered.

    09-21-2017 02:49 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    As far as I understand, Backup and Sync is just a rebrand. Nothing will change. Also, the description given seems to think that you will have the program installed on the PC, and not use the web interface. It will act just like Dropbox.
    09-21-2017 06:46 PM

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