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    I just got a note 4 on ebay that was supposed to be in mint condition, but the screen rotation only rotates properly if I tilt the cell towards me; it doesn't auto rotate in any other way, until I also tilt the screen at least at least 20 degrees towards me.

    Sometimes the menu button also auto spams clicks for 10 seconds until it ceases, without contact.

    Things I've tried:
    -ensured screen rotation is turned on.
    -factory condition reset
    -clearing cache with volume up, power, button hold method on startup
    -*#0#* sensor tests
    -downloaded accelerator calibration
    -firmly tapping the back trying to give it a bit of a shake

    Am I screwed? Hardware issue possibly that is not worth the cost to repair? Should I try to return it on ebay for false listing?

    I would appreciate any help, thanks!!
    10-10-2017 12:25 AM

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