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    This past week I bought a Verizion branded Samsung Galaxy S7 online from Gazelle. I have been using a Verizion Iphone 5c with Straight Talk as my carrier and was needing to replace it. Before I bought the Galaxy S7, I called Straight Talk customer service and told them what I was intending to buy and the representative assured me that it would transfer fine. The Galaxy finally was delivered this week only for Straight Talk to consistently tell me now that it is not compatible. The customer service from them about this ordeal has been terrible and after researching I am leaning heavily toward switching to Cricket as my carrier. Their online site says that the Verizion Galaxy S7 is compatible but I have read that AT&T branded phones work better with their service by accessing more available signal bands. I am willing to return my Galaxy and swap it out for an AT&T branded Galaxy S7 if it will work a little better, but am wondering if that would be the better option, or getting one labeled "Unlocked" from Gazelle. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    10-13-2017 08:36 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's not the brand, it's the technology. AT&T is GSM, Verizon is CDMA. Locked or unlocked, that doesn't change.
    So if your phone is an AT&T phone, it will work with Cricket (which uses AT&T towers). If it's a Verizon phone, Verizon may not allow it on their network for a couple of reasons (the bill wasn't paid, it was on a monthly setup, not a plan, etc.)

    You can't make a CDMA phone work on a GSM carrier, and you can't force Verizon to allow a particular phone on their network (and Straight Talk uses the 4 carriers, they don't have towers of their own, so a Verizon phone has to be accepted by Verizon's network).

    (CDMA phones aren't locked. GSM phones have to have radios on the frequencies that the carrier uses, and not all GSM phones have radios for all GSM carriers.)

    My advice? Send the phone back and specify an AT&T phone or bring it into a Verizon store and ask what kind of plan they can put it on.
    10-13-2017 09:09 PM

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