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    Last night, I dropped my phone in the toilet because it was in my back pocket. Gross, I know. I took it out immediately and took the case off as well. It seemed fine initially, but then it said that the SIM card couldn't be read and also that there was no network connection. It was barely in the water for 3 seconds and it's supposed to be water resistant for up to 5 feet, so I don't understand why there's a problem. Anyway, I turned off my phone immediately after and tried to turn it back on. It booted in safe mode but still said no SIM card or network connection. I turned it off and attempted to turn it on again and it went to a blue screen with the little android robot saying "Installing system update" and then after about a minute it said "no command" with a yellow error triangle. I turned it off again and left it off for a few hours. I had to leave for something so I just tried to leave it alone. When I got home, I tried to reboot my phone but it keeps attempting to boot up with just the black screen with white letters saying "Samsung Galaxy S7." It doesn't go past that. I put in rice overnight and tried to turn it on again this morning and the same problem is happening. What can I do? Is it a lost cause? The battery seems fine as my phone charges and turns on.
    10-14-2017 06:07 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    it seems to be a software issue (I don't know how really ).
    10-14-2017 06:20 PM

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