1. Andrew Amgad1's Avatar
    So, I've bought a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 2 weeks ago and I've read a lot about the burn-ins that occur after a while. Note that I have my brightness below 50% most of the time unless I'm outdoors.

    Should I worry about this? Such tiny display issues actually annoy me a lot.
    I'm also wondering how can I avoid having those burn-ins from occuring for a couple of years.
    Also, does using Immersive Mode once in a while help avoiding this issue? Any help would be appreciated!
    10-15-2017 07:17 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    I have never seen screen burn in on any phone I have. In fact I have a 5 year old S3 here I use as a music player with no burn in.

    Burn in occurs when areas of the screen burn out due to static images for long periods of time being on. Basically, use blacks whereever you can, avoid blues (fastest burning out LEDs) on themes, keep screen timeout low, and avoid static images on the screen for extended periods of time. Even my wallpapers are either mostly black or set to change daily.
    10-15-2017 12:38 PM
  3. Andrew Amgad1's Avatar
    That's good news. But I've another question, does that include switching to the same few applications for long periods? Note that I don't tend to stay on the same app for longer than 15 minutes.
    10-15-2017 12:48 PM
  4. chanchan05's Avatar
    Depends. As I said, if the image is static, it's more prone to burn in. If you're doing something on that app, it's unlikely to be static anyway. And 15min is very short. The lifespan of LEDs are like 10000hrs or more on 50% brightness before they deteriorate. Ideally they should deteriorate as evenly as possible to have no 'burn in' visible.

    However the 10000 hrs decreases exponentially as you increase brightness.

    I keep my phones on auto brightness though.
    10-15-2017 12:52 PM
  5. Andrew Amgad1's Avatar
    Most of the applications have static headers such as FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, which is what I'm worried about. I don't know whether this might cause burn-ins or not since I tend to switch between these apps rapidly, not staying on the same app for over 15 minutes.
    10-15-2017 12:59 PM
  6. ffejjj's Avatar
    I have never had an amoled display. My friends S7 edge has terrible burn in. You can see a pink shadow of his keyboard no matter what he has open.

    I myself have been eager to try an amoled phone so my philosophy is this...

    I'll use it with no worries. I pay for insurance and hope I'll never needed it, but it's there. If I have an issue I'll make a claim.

    There are many people who report no burn in issues so I'll just hope it's not a wide spread problem
    10-15-2017 01:31 PM
  7. Lundon44's Avatar
    I've never noticed burn-in until now on my Galaxy S8+. I've owned mine since it's first day of release last year. I've typically had the same icons on the home screen the entire time (just 5 apps along the bottom). And I only noticed for the first time last week when I opened Google on my phone where it was an all white screen. I could see very faint, light grey shadows of the icons I have pinned to my home screen. Fortunately, I'll never notice them except when I'm on all white screens but the fact it exists at all is a concern to me.

    I had an S7 Edge for less than a year, I do not recall burn in issues but then again.. I never looked for it. My buddy at work here behind me has the original Pixel. I just asked to see his and found that one of his home screen icons also show a bit of burn in. But less than my do. I also noticed an odd trend. The icons on the right side of the screen for some reason burn in more so than the ones of the left side. Of the 5 icons on my home screen I can clearly see what app it is with the burn in. By the time I get to the 3rd app from the right I can't really see anything. It's as if the burn in fades away from right to left. And on my friend's Pixel, it's also on his further right icon that has burn in. The other 3 icons were not showing visible burn in.

    Lastly, I contacted Samsung regarding this. Their solution was for me to hard reset the device to see if the burn in is a software issue (how?!). And then if the issues persists they will replace the screen not the device. Sad.
    10-23-2017 11:37 AM
  8. chanchan05's Avatar
    There are many people who report no burn in issues so I'll just hope it's not a wide spread problem
    A lot of it has to do with usage. The tests done by companies on screens are usually 50% brightness. But I know some people who crank up brightness to be enough to light up a dark room and leave it that way. The amount of time the phone is left on a static image with intense brightness is also a factor. Again I know some people who keep their phones to have the screen off at like 10min or more and sometimes just leave it like that on a table. Those two factors together is a recipe for screen burn.
    10-23-2017 11:50 AM

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