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    5x bought early this year and enrolled in Oreo beta. Got updates regularly and when final version came out everything updated. But haven't gotten any since then. called Google support and was told my carrier had to push it out. Explained that I was using Mint MVNO so basically no carrier and was told to "wait for them" despite explaining got updates before on Mint and phone checks for updates automatically several times a day. Settings>System> Sys Updates> always says system up to date and gives time of last check (910 pm as of this post) but still on August security patch. At first I was told by support to download the patch but pointed out if they consider Mint as carrier and I install the download it may lock the phone. Transferred and next tech said to not download as it may brick my phone. Any help would be appreciated as software updates are why I got the 5x and left S5. 5x is unlocked and went from unknown carrier to Metro PCS when I bought to Mint in April. All on Beta when I got the phone. Thanks in advance.
    10-16-2017 09:35 PM
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    Basic on the description of the problem, you went through
    to all possible actions to get that "Security patch" it could be
    an issue with its "Beta status" you'll get the patch soon

    if not create an account, with ACentral and post again
    Tell us the actual name of your..Phone carrier: Bye now
    10-16-2017 10:04 PM

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