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    My Nexus 5 has suddenly decided not to recognise the battery. It shows 0% but will operate with the charger attached. I have two chargers and both work fine. It says 'charging on AC' but remains at zero per cent, and if I remove the chàrging cable the phone shuts down immediately. There is nothing wrong with the battery. have two Nexus 5s so I've been able to establish the battery that the phone says is at zero per cent is actually at 85% and charges fine..in fact this was a surprise as it was 58% when I put it in so that means it was actually charging normally but the phone remained at 0%.
    I have also wiped the cache partition and factory reset. There are hundreds of posts about not charging but it's charging fine, it's the phone that somehow is not reading the battery. Any ideas?
    10-20-2017 08:06 AM
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    Try plugging in the charger, with the phone turned off, and leaving it overnight. That may charge the battery enough, and warm it enough, that the phone will start recognizing it again. If not, does that phone recognize the battery from the other phone? If not, you may need another motherboard (but considering that a good used one goes for about $90, it may not pay to fix it).
    10-20-2017 11:37 AM

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