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    whats app call or vonage call connects and then disconnects.I have a samsung s6 android

    The car is a toyota highlander.

    The phone and car initially pair fine. I see them connect two ways, "Phone" and "Media"

    Actual calls using the phone (inbound or outbound) are fine -- I get the audio and speakers through the car, it works perfectly. If the car is tuned to a radio station when a call comes in (or when I make a call), the audio of the call automatically "breaks in" and takes over. During the call, the car's screen will show that a call is underway, shows the duration of the call, has a hangup button, etc. After the call ends, the car's radio will automatically resume playing.

    Using an app on the phone that plays that uses the "media" connection (such as google maps, spotify, youtube) also works fine -- I launch the app on the phone and I have to switch the car's audio source to Bluetooth but once I do that I get the sound coming from the phone over the car's speakers.

    HOWEVER, some apps do not use the "media" connection, they want to use the "Phone" connection to play their audio, I guess because they want to emulate a real phone call. For example, when making a voice call through WhatsApp, or joining a meeting on GotoMeeting, it will do this. This is where the problem occurs. I will make or receive a whatsapp call, and the car will BRIEFLY recognize this by showing the customary "call is underway screen" and I will hear the whatsapp audio through the car's speakers. But then after a few seconds, the screen will suddenly say "Call Ended." (as if the other person hung up on me) and the car will switch back to just playing the radio. Then the phone realizes its audio is no longer going out through bluetooth and start coming out of the phone's own speakers.
    10-20-2017 01:25 PM
  2. Rene Cato's Avatar
    I am experiencing the exact same thing.
    01-12-2018 10:28 AM

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