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    WTF is wrong with my LG k10? I bought a new memory card and I can't move any apps or media files to it unless I travel to the underworld and sacrifice my first unborn child. what in the actual hell.
    Can anyone link me to some how-to pages/ tech support numbers to walk me through being able to get my memory card to work on my LG k10?
    Rooting, Link2SD, everything else I've looked up DOES NOT APPLY to however this stupid f'ing LG k10 phone is set up.
    I'd appreciate it.
    10-20-2017 06:42 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Not all devices support the ability to move apps to the SD card. If you don't see a Move to SD button for any app in the Settings>Apps menu, then it's not supported.

    For devices that do support moving apps to SD, not all apps can be moved. Also be aware that moving an app to SD only moves a relatively small portion of the app, and never the entire app.

    If you're wondering about Adoptable Storage (which is where the SD card is formatted and encrypted to be considered part of the phone's Internal Storage), LG chose not to support that feature (and probably for good reason, since SD cards are inherently unreliable and can fail without warning, which can cause a lot of data loss and perhaps a system crash if the card has been set up as part of Internal Storage).

    On Android devices, it's always best to get a device with as much Internal Storage as you can afford, and not rely on the SD card as a way to increase your app storage capacity. SD cards are best used for storage of media files (i.e., music, photos, videos) and document files, not for app installation.
    10-20-2017 10:09 PM
  3. chanchan05's Avatar
    Open your file explorer, navigate to the folder where your pictures are, then cut, then navigate to your sd card, paste.
    10-20-2017 10:21 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If you simply want to copy media files, use a good file explorer app on the phone (I like Total Commander), or connect the phone to your computer and use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the files. When you connect the phone via USB, you usually have to swipe down the notification panel, tap the USB icon, and then select MTP in order to let the PC read the phone's directories.
    10-21-2017 02:07 AM

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