1. ehn16's Avatar
    1. My unlocked LG G5 bought from ebay "Top Rated Plus" seller in "great" condition:
    - Power button stopped working after 1 year
    - Rear camera stopped auto focusing ( the regular camera, the wide angle camera still works)

    2. Ordered a LG G3 for my dad from similar Top Rated Plus seller
    - Battery drains entirely in less than 1 hour when in use
    - Phone takes more than half an hour to turn on when turning on
    - Freezes unexpectedly

    3. Motorola X - amazon refurbished
    - Phone got stuck in boot screen after a year

    Am I just having bad luck since these are refurbished products or are these common problems with Androids after a year or two?

    I always found it outrageous to pay $500-1000 for a new cellphone. But I probably have spent more than $800 now on 6 different cellphones.

    What are your experiences? What is the most durable cellphone that is also fast and has a good camera?
    10-23-2017 05:15 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    The only one of those phones of which I have experience is the LG G3, my specimen now being about 3.5y old, bought new, and still working perfectly. It's fast - bam bam bam - and has a good camera. It boots quickly, does not freeze, and easily gives several hours of screen-on time....over four if I allow it to discharge to about 20%. It has survived the normal knocks, and also a fall down a flight of carpeted stairs in a half case. In short, I don't think that your G3 is typical.
    10-23-2017 06:24 PM

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