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    I have been Googling this weirdness I discovered in my Android when trying to work out why fake virus warnings keep popping up daily when using Chrome.

    Ended up checking out my App usage, and discovered something called imonitor taking up 21 MB of memory. Checked out my app list, and nothing called imonitor is there. Googling led me to the apparent imonitor app homepage, where there were uninstallation instructions: "Open APP Manager on the mobile Phone, find and uninstall the APP named "ainfo", it will be uninstalled completely." In my App list there is nothing called "ainfo", even with system processes shown.

    Apparently imonitor is a phone spying app. I have never installed anything like that, cannot find where the actual app is and therefore cannot seem to get rid of it. Anybody have any advice?
    10-31-2017 11:51 AM
  2. MarkyPH's Avatar
    Is your device manufacturer Huawei? I have also noticed this on my Honor 6X. After contacting Huawei the representative assured it is part of the Phone Manager Antivirus utility, however I have my suspicions it is something else. Possibly the iMonitor spying software you speak of. It requires full access to all of the devices info, is installed as a system app, and stopping it doesn't seem to interrupt the AV or Phone Manager app... Hope Huawei isn't sending everyone's data off to some back end Chinese server. I really like their devices. I'm going to find and pull the apk that has imonitor and do some research to see if this is true.
    12-13-2017 08:29 PM
  3. PizzaRUlesBro's Avatar
    Did you ever make any headway on this? After the report about Huawei...I'm concerned, I can't kill that process either.
    02-16-2018 03:19 PM
  4. Ben Sturley's Avatar
    Please please say whether you got anywhere with this? It's driving me mad too. Some say it's demonic and evil spyware that'll steal all your money from your bank account but Huawei say otherwise. I'd be far more inclined to believe the phone manufacture but I've heard some... Er... Things.... Without wanting to insult anyone. Only I'm a programmer myself so i know how it is. Never our fault, obviously. Bad client specs, bad requirement gathering, bad q&a, bad signoff, bad buckets of children that were actually supposed to be monkies. (Monkeys) i mean, who would order a bucket of bloomin' children? Frankly ridiculous.
    04-24-2018 09:11 AM

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