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    My Note 5 doesn't seem to be charging properly. I have tried wireless and wired over the last couple days and won't get more than 40% overnight. I noticed the red light doesnt come on anymore when charging, but after a minute or 2 it shows up only to disappear again when touching any button on the phone. At first it wouldnt charge at all, then following day it recognized being connected to charger and showed "charger connected" image when off, now it seems to be doing a very slow charge. I have forced shut downs, deleted a few apps, cleaned cache and this morning finally performed a factory reset. No change. I had similar problems with an old phone after water damage but I'm pretty sure this one hasn't come in contact with water. I did take it fishing on the weekend b4 the problems but it stayed inside the cabin I think all day.. maybe just a knock? Bought the phone a month ago, reconditioned in "excellent quality"
    11-06-2017 02:37 AM
  2. SCRIPT-AKL-NZ's Avatar
    Following. Thats my question above. Not sure whats happened here.. lol
    11-06-2017 02:46 AM

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