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    OK, I probably just set myself up to have a useless phone unless I replace the screen.

    Just in case anyone has any ideas, I'm posting the situation anyway.
    I have a Galaxy s5, which was lagging. I intended to do a hard reset to factory settings, to see if the phone would "recover" from it's Very Slow response behavior. I backed up my phone using
    1. myphoneexporer
    2. helium
    3. smartswitch

    Then, before I got to do the reset, I dropped my phone when it was not in a case that was protective enough! In a cement parking lot.
    The screen is black and completely unresponsive. It is clear that the relevant wires, etc, are no longer connected to the screen. However, the phone does boot up. Using myphoneexplorer, I was able to mirror my screen to my pc, and everything was working. The physical home button works, as do the two the two features that are on the hardware itself: a. the one on the bottom left that shows all the apps that are open, and b. the one on the right... with the back arrow.

    I couldn't decide if I should invest in repairing the screen, since I still hadn't done the reset, and I simply didn't know if it was worth it. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I had the hairbrained idea to do the reset to factory settings using the mirrored screen on my pc. I went to settings, and selected reset.

    I forgot one little detail; the phone obviously defaulted to USB debugging unticked. So I can't connect to the phone using any of my back-up software or mirroring capabilities! The programs simply can't recognize the phone.

    I have all my information backed up in my PC, so data retrieval is not the issue.

    I'm just wondering if there's any way for me to actually connect to the phone's interface, so I can see if the reset had the desired effect. If it did, I may decide to shell out the $ to replace the screen. Otherwise it's $100 spent for nothing. Basically I need to somehow turn on USB debugging, and possibly set the USB to "media transfer" instead of "charging".

    Is there a may do this outside of the regular Operating System interface, However, I will NOT be able to see my screen. So this only applies if there is a way for me to get around the usb debugging setting, through some series of button pressing, holding and releasing on the hardware. I do not know what operating system (if any) is on my phone once I pressed "reset" to go back to factory settings.

    Is there a way to access and mirror those hardware menus to a connected PC?

    Please don't post to let me know how foolish I am! I already know.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has a technical way for me to get my phone back into a state where I can mirror the screen, and see if it's working better than it was before. I don't give up easily! Thank you to any tech gurus who can weigh in on this!
    11-06-2017 10:16 PM

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