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    I’m confused with the whole GSM/CDMA thing

    I’m currently on sprint with a family plan. I’m thinking of trying other companies with just a single plan for now to see what works better in my area.
    I’m also leaving the Apple world after 8 years

    The U11 has everything that I want in a phone but I’m afraid to make the leap because I don’t know if I’ll have to stay with a crappy provider.

    The specs show the U11 incompatible with sprint and Verizon but sprint sells the phone
    Also I’m interested in MetroPCS, mintsim, cricket and Project Fi

    Can someone try to explain this to me please
    11-16-2017 06:31 PM
  2. Chris5483's Avatar

    I don't know where you're seeing that it's incompatible with those networks, but the official HTC site shows all four major carrier Networks. I would suggest first picking the network you want then picking the phone to make sure that it is actually compatible with that Network.

    I'm pretty sure all those discount providers actually use one of the four main carrier networks but just at reduced speeds. You could always Google one of the discount networks to see which major network it is on.
    11-17-2017 03:18 AM

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