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    I have recently started getting an "error 3: Network Failure" while trying to send a text on 3G. I have Verizon and have called them and they said there is nothing wrong with my service. What's so weird is that the message still goes through. I tested this by sending texts to myself. I get the error, but then about 5 mins later I get the text. I have tried several different messaging apps to see if it was them and it did it on all of them. I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if I should factory restore it to see if it fixes it?
    11-20-2017 09:06 PM
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    A "factory restore" is really a "user delete" - it deletes everything you've done with the phone, including deleting all your files, apps, pictures, etc. And it's a drastic step. If it were mine, I'd bring it into a Verizon corporate store and ask them why it's doing that. If the sales associate can't help you, ask them to elevate it to technical.
    11-21-2017 09:48 PM

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