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    I'm using google hangouts to chat from computer to cellphone. When I receive the messages on my i-phone the sound is not the one I picked in my general sound settings and it is not loud/intense enough to hear. When trying to change directly in the app --> under notifications I can only turn the sounds and vibration on or off but not choose a specific sound it should make.
    Can you please help me getting my settings right. I need an intense sound that can be recognized even in louder/busier situations.
    Thank you in advance.
    11-28-2017 08:45 AM
  2. Dano1200r's Avatar
    This is an Android forum. IPhone is made by Apple. Try asking them.
    11-28-2017 09:30 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    We have an iPhone forum - iMore ask a question. But look in Hangouts settings/<your account>/Incoming calls/Sound for your choice of sounds. You should be able to choose any sound - or make a recording that's loud and distinctive enough and choose it.
    11-28-2017 10:41 AM

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