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    Okay I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge used from an individual it was an AT&T phone. They assured me that it was unlocked. I immediately took it to Walmart. Bought the bring your own phone SIM card and service card from straight talk went right out to the car. Took the AT&T SIM card out put in the Straight Talk SIM card in turn the phone back on them left it alone until the next day. Next morning I restarted the phone. The phone got calls Text but no data. I called Straight Talk they got my data working but it lasted for about 15-20 minutes. Then everything went off no phone calls, no text messages, no data every single day at some point or another I'm losing all of my service. Does anybody have any advice?
    12-06-2017 01:03 PM
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    Call Strait Talk again. If it receives talk text and date even for a short time, everything is set up on it correctly. If you can't get it fixed on the phone, go to their Facebook page. The techs there seem to know how to provision an account properly (which I think is your problem). As long as you chose an AT&T Straight Talk SIM (they use any of the 4 carriers - AT&T, Sprint, Y-Mobile or Verizon - your choice when you choose the SIM card) the phone shouldn't be the problem unless it's defective. (Did the individual you bought it from have the same problem?)

    BTW, AT&T no contract is $45/month (plus fees and local taxes) with 10GB of data, the same price as AT&T and you're dealing with the carrier directly. When the month ends, if you like, you can just go into any AT&T store and have them port your number to their GoPhone plan. Then you have a local person to help you if you have a problem. (If you use a lot of data, wait until you can get the phone unlocked [6 months of active service], then move to T-Mobile. Their unlimited plan is only a few dollars more a month.)
    12-06-2017 02:00 PM

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