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    My phones battery was about 1/5 full. I turned it off as i wanted to go to sleep and put it charging. Now the led light keeps flashing orange and the phone wont turn on. Ive tried pushing down on the power button and volume buttons. Even did the one where you press all three for 2 minutes. Phone still wont turn on. Tried 3 different chargers and no luck. Any ideas to fix it?
    12-06-2017 01:23 PM
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    Well trying a different charger was going to be my suggestion, and it still basically is and this is why. If the phone died during charging, I know you said you turned it off before it went dead but some phones don't turn completely off, and I can't remember right off hand which HTC model it was but at one time on the M7 or M9 they had a feature where the alarm would turn the phone on, which means that it never completely turned off, not sure if the M8 ever or currently has this feature, so as I was saying, if the phone died and powered its self off it may be accepting a charge but not giving you any outwardly signs that it is charging. When you tried the other chargers did you just plug them in to see if it would give you the indication that it was charging or did you actually leave it connected? My suggestion would be to find a plug that snaps in, or has that new power cord feel. I think we all know what I'm talking about having dealt with micro usb for so many years now. After a while plugs will simply slide in and not snap in and lock to the device as they once did when the power cord was new. Then simply leave it to charge indication or not for at least 30 minutes, an hour would be better. Then remove the power cable, wait two minutes and then plug it in again. See if you now get the outward sign that it is charging. Whether you do or not unplug it and attempt to power on the device. You may find that you have to hold the power button slightly longer but it should power on. Then simply plug in to any of your power cords and wiggle the plug, not roughly though because you would not want to damage the socket in the phone, and see if you it stops charging. Then dispose of any cable that is found to be damaged. Also make sure the socket is clean and free of debris so that you know the plug is being seated all of the way. Since we carry these devices in our pockets and purses all of the time, some of the biggest collectors of lint on the planet, besides our belly buttons, it is very easy for the socket to collect debris the same way. If you find debris in the socket blowing into the socket should remove it although compressed air will keep you from getting light headed. Using electronic cleaner is not a bad idea from time to time to keep the terminals clean but it won't work the same as simple compressed air. Good luck and please post back if this worked or whatever ends up working for you so that others who find this thread will know what your solution ended up being.
    12-06-2017 01:53 PM

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