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    I have seen this question before but no answer has worked. It would seem that the phone is pre-set by LG to use Times New Roman font in some god-awful font size (unreadable). I have Comcast as my primary email. I changed it there to Trebuchet, size 12. That works on a computer but not the phone. I even thought that maybe Google was being a control freak so I logged onto my gmail account (never used) and set it up on the computer the same way. Regardless, the phone still sends the email (although it looks fine on the sender's display) and it shows up at the recipient end as TNR, small font.
    Previous entry said to go to Signature on phone and edit the signature there (which was also overriding the Comcast signature). But when you highlight/select the full signature, you cannot select a font or font size. You can only bold, underscore, italicize and change color. Useless. Please help someone.
    12-07-2017 10:56 AM
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    Email is specified as a text medium (in RFC 5321, the specification for sending email), but due to some people not liking that, some email apps interpret HTML, so you can send the email as HTML, specifying the font and font size in CSS. But if the recipient's email app (or program) doesn't do HTML, they'll see a mess. Or, if they're like me (I never receive any HTML format emails I'm interested in - so my filter deletes any emails with HTML elements in them), they'll never see your email.

    As far as Google being a control freak, sort of. So is Mozilla (Thunderbird), Microsoft (Outlook) and everyone else who develops email programs. They have to choose some font and some size. But since the RFC doesn't require that the user have control over the font, the developer is under no obligation to give you any way of changing it (and most don't).

    If the email client that LG supplies as the default uses too small a font, you're free to install any of a few hundred other free ones. But the fact that you see the email in a tiny font doesn't mean that any email you send is - how anyone sees an email depends on how the program s/he uses to read it. (Unless you send it as HTML, which doesn't guarantee that everyone will be able to read it. Text, yes - that's in the RFC. HTML, at the discretion of the developer.)

    (Just so you understand, changing the display font in your web browser, or your desktop email program, doesn't change the font in the email, it just changes it in that particular program. So changing it in Comcast, using a web browser or an email program, changed the font that the program you were using displays in, it doesn't change the email itself. Emails are sent as letters and numbers, and letters and numbers don't have fonts or sizes. "A" is "A", it's not "12 point Trebuchet A". Your change had no effect on the email itself - it can't.)
    05-31-2018 03:50 PM

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